Wreck this Journal

Apparently it is time to get my blog back up and running again, and why not start with my latest project? For my 46th birthday this year, one of the sweetest gifts my boyfriend Anthony gave me was a Keri Smith Wreck This Journal. Yes, it is exactly as it sounds — WRECK THIS JOURNAL. Seems a bit unlikely for most people, right? We’ve been taught to respect and treasure our books by treating them gently and avoiding damage. Dog forbid we should crack the spine. Well, that is exactly what I did. My first action with my wonderful little book was to crack the spine — and it was smooth sailing from there. (I even signed the Wreck This Journal Pledge.)

Why would anyone want to wreck a book, you ask? We all have reasons — simple pleasure? A wild urge to destroy? Anger issues? Mine is not so simple. I have OCD. OCD that has occasionally held me back from allowing myself to make mistakes or to ruin something – an intense fear of losing comfort, peace, loved-ones, pets. Holding back not only temporarily hampers my progress, but it also stands in the way of confidence. When my OCD kicks in, my confidence – albiet briefly – declines, and as a person who likes to think outside the box, I won’t continue to allow my confidence or creativity to drop — even for a moment.

Keri Smith’s theme of “learn by doing” allows the journaler to just do it.  Make a mess, make a mistake, and most importantly — do not worry about it. Cracking the spine on this journal was my first harrowing step in opening myself up to a destructive, yet creative mess, that will ultimately lead to fantastic freedom.  Take a look at my wreck-able and reckless progress, and stay tuned for more!