About Angie

About Angie

I’m Angie, and I live in Kihei, Maui with my wonderful boyfriend, Anthony. I love dining at local restaurants, trying new cocktails, cooking at home, mixing my own drinks, and blogging about local restaurants, food in general, and my own cooking and recipes. The past few years, my blogs have been on a partial hiatus as I worked seemingly non-stop as the Executive Director at Theatre Theatre Maui, and as a concierge on the side.  Years of commutes to and from Lahaina drained much of my energy, and unfortunately, these writings tumbled into obscurity. Well, I’m back and ready to consume, cook, craft, and collect and to tell y’all about it!
I must disclose that I am not a food critic, a chef, or a professional food writer. I am a local actress, girlfriend, paper-crafter, coin collector, cat mama, home cook and frequent restaurant patron who loves to eat, drink, play and write about it.

My favorite food?I grew up with an Italian stepmother, so Italian food is my absolute favorite – the bread, the herbs, the noodles, the sauces… oh, the flavors. I have fond memories of standing in Nonni’s kitchen at about 7 or 8 years-old and taking in the aroma of rosemary, garlic, and onions. To this day, these are three of my favorite ingredients to cook with.

Over the years, I have perfected my own basil, garlic, and onion marinara sauce and have combined it (puttanesca-style) with capers, red pepper flakes, and kalamata olives. With a splash of red wine, and a small dash of my secret ingredient (I will never tell), the result is a spicy and savory treat that leaves me grabbing for the last of the bread to mop up the remaining sauce.

My favorite drink? On the mainland, I sipped red wine or dirty martinis. On Maui glistening in the high humidity of Hawaii, I switched to the light and fruity tropical mai tai or a classic non-blended lime daiquiri.

The best mai tai I’ve ever had? The Monkeypod Mai Tai (pictured left) at Monkeypod Kitchen in Wailea. The drink packs such a punch! It is almost double the rum in most mai tais, and all of the juices they use are fresh. The best bit – the bartender tops it off with a decadent honey lilikoi foam. (Try the foam on the strawberry pie. Trust me. Just do it.) Oh, it is dreamy!

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