A Simple Pleasure

One of life’s simple pleasures is snapping a pic of something. Just something. It can be anything that catches our eyes.  This slightly worn chair contrasted by the deep red of the table stood out. It’s a very simple image, but there is something eye-catching about it — color.  Color is amazing.

On hiatus at last!

On Hiatus at last! Ever-busy, I spent the last several months racing from job to job to theatre to home almost non-stop.  Working two jobs, directing a show, and trying to balance my home life with it all shook my sanity and energy and then dumped it all in the grass. 4 hours of sleep…

Dogs at the Surfing Goat Dairy!

The Surfing Goat Dairy in Kula, Hawaii, ranks high in my treasured memories and day trips. Not only are the goats adorable and the truffles to die for, but the rescue dogs living on-property are adorable and sweet. This one captured my heart the moment I spotted those sweet brown eyes and floppy ears.