On hiatus at last!

On Hiatus at last!


Ever-busy, I spent the last several months racing from job to job to theatre to home almost non-stop.  Working two jobs, directing a show, and trying to balance my home life with it all shook my sanity and energy and then dumped it all in the grass. 4 hours of sleep most nights, tossing and turning, running around, desperate for energy, I survived on quick meals and caffeine.  Of course, I got sick — very sick with a brutal cold/flu — and found myself still having to run from job to rehearsal with 10 minutes at home with the love of my life and our little feline family while taming my runny nose and hoarse cough.

When my second job as a concierge was placed on-hold for two months due to pool renovations, I jumped at that chance to rest and relax. This picture above is a memory of my first long, sweet, bubble bath after months of a crazy-busy life.